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what is an ip addressWhat is an IP Address?

“IP Address” stands for Internet Protocol Address and it is a unique number which identifies a computer on Internet. As any telephone line has a unique number to call it so and any computer connected on internet has a unique IP address to communicate with others. IP Addresses are expressed by four numbers separated by dots, each ranging from 0 to 255 (eg, etc).

wired-networkWhat is dynamic and static IP Address?

For broadband users the IP Address is assigned from ISP (Internet Service Provider) every time they connect to internet and usually this IP is changing when the connection lost or terminated and connected again, this is what we call Dynamic IP. On the other hand, devices like Web Servers, Routers and  DNS Servers is important to have the same IP at any time to be easily discoverable from other computers, an IP that is assigned permanent to a computer is called static IP, for example the page you are reading now is served from a web server with static IP Address.

local-networkPublic and Private IP Addresses.

Any valid IP Address can be within the range to however not all are available for use on Internet, there are three ranges of IP Addresses that are reserved for private networks like home, office and enterprise LANs. These IP Addresses are not accessible from the Internet and so called private. Any other IP outside of these ranges can be used on internet and is called Public.

Private IPv4 address spaces

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